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Liverpool 07 Boys Heighway (O'Brien)

Regular 2016-2017
2016-2017 x Regular

Team Legend - Steve Heighway
Steve often took the "highway" up the left wing, riding tackles, showing perfect ball-control at breakneck speed and delivering great passes.  Steve created numerous opening for players like Keegan, Toshack, and later on for the likes of Dalglish, Johnson and Fairclough.

Liverpool 07 Boys Heighway News

2018 Coaching Slate-South Campus

2018 Coaching Slate-South Campus

04/14/2018, 8:00am EDT

2018 Coaching Slate-South Campus


Attention Liverpool families, please see below for our coaching slate for 2018-2019. More details to come soon!

LFCIA Coaching Staff


U9 - Craig Heseltine/Wade Winchester
U10 - Wade Winchester/Craig Heseltine
U11 - Madeleine Mejean
U12 - Franck Zeba
U13 - John Mollohan
U14 - Madeleine Mejean
U15 - Billy Smith
U16 - Wade Winchester


U9 - Franck Zeba
U10 - John Mollohan
U10 - Michael McGarry
U11 - Carlos Castaneda
U11 - Dylan McCormick
U12 - Ian Edwards
U12 - Ian Edwards
U13 - Steven Wolfe
U13 - Frank Swan
U14 - Carlos Castaneda
U15 - Steven Wolfe
U16 - Franck Swan
U17 - Craig Heseltine